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In this section you will get to know why ive created this blog, my history with website/blogging, site map to help you navigate through the blog, contact me theres a fourm to fill in if you wanan contact me for any reason.

About (Nirvana Midnight Shadow)
in this page you will find everything you need to know about why i created this blog.
My History of Websites/Blogging
in this page you will find my history of Websites/Blogging, here you will get to know everything since the very first day i started back in 2006 till now
You can get in touch with me, Socially, or if you wanna Request an update, or for any other reason, just fill out the fourm, and ill reply to you shortly
Without there help my website will be nothing, i would like to thank every single site that halped me with mine. check out the amazing sites that has helped me along the way.
Previous Layouts
Missed any of the old looks i had on this site, you can always find all the old looks here .
Site Map
Want a Detailed Guide of the Site ?!, in this Page, you will find all the Links of the Pages & Sections.


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