Husky Work


Siberian husky training is not a grueling, regimented routine if it is fun for the dog and the owner. Huskies thrive on positive reinforcement. Giving your dog positive rewards and affection rather than negative punishment increases the dog’s willingness to learn and obey. Negative reinforcement too often involves catching your dog in the act, rather than teaching it to obey. When working your husky, never physically beat it as part of the training. Dogs know when you are unhappy with their behavior.

Black and White

When working your husky, keep things simple. The dog thinks in good and bad, not, “Well, if I do this, maybe this will happen.” With dogs, there is no abstract thinking. The husky needs simple, direct instructions. The more direct and simple the command you give, the easier it is for the dog to obey. When you set yard boundaries, for instance, your reinforcement must be clear and consistent.

No Corrections

Never use corrections in a husky workout session. Corrections are negative reinforcement, and counterproductive to training. The dog responds to play and positive feedback. Correcting during a workout will confuse the dog and remove the play from the session. Training a dog takes patience; it is no exception with a husky. A typical husky workout can involve teaching it how to fetch, stay, go, hold and drop a ball, roll over and speak; all of this is play to the dog.


Huskies love exercise; they are playful and want to run, jump and haul things for their owner. These dogs love to run and exercise outdoors, vigorously burning off energy. When a husky gets enough exercise, its energy is manageable. Huskies are natural jumpers and easily excited; routine exercise reduces this energy. When a husky’s regimen includes pulling a sled or cart, the dog receives not only a purpose, but an outlet for playing.

Respect Training

Getting the husky to respect you is necessary if the dog is going to work for you. You must establish yourself as the leader. You put yourself in the position of leader by speaking authoritatively, giving simple commands and rewarding the dog even when it doesn’t obey the command exactly. When you correct the dog during a workout, change the command language or fail to speak with authority, the husky will not respect you and will challenge your leadership repeatedly.


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