Husky Puppy Howl


siberian_husky_puppy_5A new puppy can be a great addition to the family. Similar to a baby, a puppy can howl and cry to express emotions. Your pup may howl out of fear, boredom or loneliness. Howling during day or night time can upset your neighbors and cause you to lose hours of sleep. The only way you can get your puppy to stop the howling is by teaching him proper behavior.

  1. Ask the breeder for a piece of cloth with the scent of your puppy’s littermates. Place the cloth in your pup’s bed. The scent can help comfort him at night time.
  2. Play with your puppy before bedtime to tire him out so he sleeps well and is too tired to howl. Bring him outdoors to his soiling area, before putting him in his bed, so he can relieve himself and will not have to wake up to do so.
  3. Allow your puppy to sleep in your room, but not in your bed because he may continue to do so once grown. Your presence will set your pup at ease and any separation anxiety he has will be reduced.
  4. Ignore your puppy if he is howling for no apparent reason. Avoid giving him attention because this reinforces his behavior and teaches him that he gets what he wants when he howls. Reprimand him — tell him, “No noise!” — and walk away.
  5. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray your puppy’s face when he starts howling. He will start noticing the unpleasant consequence of his howling and will stop.
  6. Give your pup chewy toys to keep his mouth busy if you leave during the day. Turn on the radio so he hears people talking and leave a piece of clothing with your scent in his bed for comfort.
  7. Create a makeshift littermate for your puppy. Fill a bottle of hot water and wrap it in a towel. Place it in your puppy’s bed so he feels as if he’s sleeping with a littermate. A stuffed animal may have a similar affect.
  8. Place a clock near your pup’s bed at night time. The ticking sound resembles the heartbeat of a littermate and will comfort your pup.
  9. Train your puppy to be alone. Put your pup alone in a room and close the door. Leave the pup in the room for 3 minutes. If the pup starts howling or barking, open the door and reprimand him with a firm command. Leave the room again and repeat the exercise. Gradually lengthen the time that you leave the dog alone in the room. If he can be in the room for half an hour without howling or getting distressed, practice going outdoors and leaving him home alone.

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