Husky Puppies Review


The Husky puppy is a member of the Working Dogs classification group and he will grow into a medium/large dog, weighing approximately 60 pounds as an adult. A Husky puppy makes a good companion for older children and adults but he will require daily exercise and obedience training in order to reach his full potential as a pet.

Originally bred by Alaskan natives to pull sleds, the Siberian Husky is athletic and strong and during its puppy stage. It is very active and ready to run at a moment’s notice. From generations of breeding only the fittest dogs, today’s puppies are stout and may possess a natural inclination to pull.

Husky puppies are fun loving, intelligent and usually ready to play. Despite their sometime fierce appearance, they do not make good watchdogs, because they enjoy befriending everyone, including strangers. Unfortunately, the Husky has a strong prey sense and may attack smaller animals.

Although very athletic, a Husky may develop hip dysplasia, an inherited degenerative bone disorder, as an adult. Husky puppy owners should consult their veterinarians about recommending a quality dog food or supplements that may reduce the risk of developing the disorder in later life. In addition, the Husky may suffer from eye problems.

Husky puppies should be enrolled in obedience classes as soon as possible after the age of eight weeks. While they adapt quickly to the required skills, the husky breed has an innate tendency to wander and may run away if not kept in a fence or on a leash at all times.

Huskies shed throughout the year and require weekly brushing to control the problem. During the spring and the fall, they may go through a seasonal shedding cycle where they shed profusely. During these times, daily brushing is often necessary.


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