Husky Grooming

If you own a Siberian husky then you must already know how important it is to take good care of your dog to ensure that he is healthy and happy. As a responsible dog owner, you want the best for your dog and there is nothing better than feeling clean and fresh at all times. Grooming, or dog care, can really help you achieve that.

However, this does not mean that you should wash your husky dog every single day. That would create more problems than solutions. Huskies have natural dog oil on their skin that keeps them healthy and looking great. Excessive bathing will wash those oils off leaving your dog unprotected from germs and other illnesses.

I know some of you are probably asking yourselves right now “Well then how often should I bathe my husky puppy?” The first idea that probably pops in your head is when your husky starts to smell like… well like a dog. Your husky will probably smell like a dog in just a couple of days and you should never wash your dog that often.

So how often DO you wash or bathe your Siberian husky then? I’m sure every dog groomer has his own answer to this question, but a good number would be once a month, twice a month at most. I know this might seem like a long time, but if you bathe your husky dog any more than that, it can have some negative effects on his skin.

To help you with this process here are some basic grooming tips to make sure your dog is healthy and clean:

  • Never use human shampoo, instead buy dog specific soap and shampoo at the pet store. The human shampoo can be really rough on your husky dog’s skin. Their skin is a lot different from ours so always avoid human soap and shampoos when it’s grooming time for your Siberian husky.
  • Instead of Q-tips, use cotton balls to clean your huskies ears. Q-tips are intended to fit in a human ear which is a lot smaller. A cotton ball make it much easier to clean out your huskies ear and you won’t accidentally poke your dogs ear with it if he squirms or moves when your cleaning his ears.
  • Try to avoid dog perfume or other sprays. You might enjoy the way your husky smells when you spray him with it, but it will really irritate his him. Huskies sense of smell is a lot stronger than ours so it’s better if you don’t spray them with any odor sprays.
  • Brush your huskies fur once or twice a week. All that loose hair can collect on your favorite clothing and I know what pain it is to clean it all off. If you brush your husky regularly, you will get rid of all the loose hair outside instead of inside.
  • Clean your husky’s teeth! Not only will your husky’s mouth will smell fresher, but he will also have healthier and stronger teeth. Dogs can get cavities just like humans and a doggy dentist can cost a pretty penny. If you brush your dog’s teeth with some doggy tooth paste, you can help keep your huskies teeth healthy.siberian_husky_10

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