Husky Colors


599002_131239483691788_1887305865_nThe Siberian Husky, originally bred as a sled dog, have a high level of endurance. The Siberian Husky is a well mannered dog that likes people. The coat of the Siberian Husky is thick and coarse as they were orginally bred to be in cold climates. The Husky’s coat can be solid in color, two-colored, or even tri-colored.

Solid Colors

Several solid colors have American Kennel Club recognization. The AKC recognizes solid white, tan, brown and black huskies as being within breed standards.

Two-Color Huskies

Several combinations of colors are recognized by the AKC as being within the breed standards. Standard colors include black and white, gray and white, and red and white. Sable and white is also an AKC recognized color combination. Sable fur is reddish at the root and ends in a dark brown or black tip. The undercoat of a sable colored dog is red, copper or brown. Agouti and white huskies are sometimes called “wild colored” with the white being more cream like. Agouti fur is black at the tip and root with a lighter, yellowish color in between. Other two-colored Huskies that the AKC acknowledges include the brown and white, copper and white, gray and black, tan and black and tan and white.

Tri-Colored Huskies

Tri-colored Huskies can meet AKC standards in certain combinations. Black, gray and white Huskies are within the AKC standards as are black, tan and white. Brown, black and white is also an AKC recognized color combination.


Huskies can come with various markings on the face and body. Three types of markings are recognized by the American Kennel Club. A husky with Black Points has black ears and noses. A Husky with pinto markings has an excess of white.The white typically is over the shoulders and front legs, and the rest of the body can be any other recognized color. A piebald Husky has over 30 percent white fur and then color in spots or patches on the body.


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