Husky Coat

Siberian huskies are loyal pets, but be prepared with a good vacuum cleaner if you are thinking about getting this dog breed. Whether you are already a Siberian husky owner or are doing research on the breed before purchase or adoption, it’s important to know about the type of fur and fur- or skin-related issues, such as dandruff, that are associated with the Siberian husky breed.

Fur Density

The Siberian husky has a thick fur coat, which is important for keeping it warm in the freezing temperatures of Siberia. This breed actually has a double-coat, with an undercoat and a protective topcoat called the guard hairs. The undercoat insulates the dog and is shed in the springtime. During the shedding season, you can find clumps of the undercoat around your home, but your Siberian husky will shed its top coat fur all year round.


Siberian husky owners must maintain the fur of the husky in order to keep the coat and skin beneath it healthy. A dried coat can lead to skin redness, itchiness or dandruff. As such, grooming your husky by shampooing it and brushing it regularly keeps the fur clean and untangled.



Canine seborrhea is the technical term that describes a skin condition in dogs that causes dandruff. If you notice white flakes of skin in between your husky’s fur, then it is important to find out the cause of it. According to Pet MD, special shampoos can help reduce the irritation of the skin, and keeping the husky clean will prevent the condition from worsening so that it can heal.


You can keep your Siberian husky’s fur and skin in good condition by giving your dog omega-3 fatty acids, such as in the form of fish oil or flax seed oil capsules. If you prefer a liquid form, you can sprinkle the omega-3 over your dog’s food. These nutrients help improve your husky’s coat and reduce the amount of shedding, which helps the skin from drying out.


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