Husky Bath

Siberian_husky_15Siberian huskies have thick coats that can hide dirt which has their owners washing them too often. This dog’s coat produces natural oils which helps keep the coat attractive and reduces the risk of infections. Bathing a husky more than twice a month can cause elimination of its natural oils and skin irritation. Although giving a husky a bath can be somewhat challenging because of its thick fur, your dog will love you for bathing it.

  1. Brush your husky with a dog brush until there are no tangles or rats in its hair.
  2. Place your dog in the bathtub. Wet its coat with water using a plastic pitcher.
  3. Apply five or six drops of dog shampoo to the husky’s coat. Work into a lather by pressing and squeezing the coat to reduce tangling the fur. Lather all areas including its belly, legs, feet and tail. Apply more shampoo to its coat if needed.
  4. Brush the dog’s fur with the rubber curry brush. The brush will help loosen dirt deposited deep in its thick coat.
  5. Rinse the dog off until there are no more suds and the coat no longer feels slippery. Wet its face and add a small amount of shampoo, working it into a lather. Avoid its eyes and inner ears. Rinse off its face.
  6. Let your husky shake itself off. Towel dry any excess water off, then allow it to air dry.

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