Husky and a Baby

If you are like most parents-to-be, you’ve spent hours preparing your home for the arrival of your new baby. You’ve arranged the nursery, stocked up on supplies and baby-proofed your home. If your pet husky will be awaiting your arrival from the hospital, be prepared for how you will introduce your dog to the newest member of your family.

  1. Greet your husky alone for at least five minutes when you arrive home from the hospital if you are the mother. If you are the father, wait outside of the home or in another room with the baby. Let your husky get out all of his excitement before he is in the presence of your fragile baby.
  2. Let your husky smell you and become acclimated to the smell of your new baby on your skin and clothing. You can even bring one of your baby’s blankets in the room for your husky to smell.
  3. Put your husky on a leash.
  4. Command your husky to get into a sitting or laying position, then tell your dog to stay. Get a firm grip on your husky’s leash.
  5. Enter the room with your baby in your arms if you are the father. If you are the mother, stay with your husky, giving him attention and making sure he does not jump up toward the baby.

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