Husky Activities

siberian_huskies_2Siberian Huskies are highly energetic dogs who do well in activities involving pulling, the reason for their many accomplishments with sledding. Since many owners now have these sled dog breeds as pets within settings that are not ideal for sledding, other activities have been found which are good for the Siberian Husky and fun for the owner.

  • Skijoring is an alternative to sled pulling, but mainly used in somewhat the same environment as sledding with the exception that the owner (cross-country skier) does not need a full pack in order to participate.
  • Dog hiking is an alternative for owners who live closer to woodland trails. The owner travels with their dogs along trails in the wilderness. This activity allows the owner and dog to gain exercise with out using the huskies strong sense of pulling. Some companies make hiking equipment especially for dogs in which they may carry their own gear including water, food, and bowls for each.
  • Carting, also known as dryland mushing or sulky driving, is an urban alternative to dog sledding. Here, the dog can pull a cart which contains either supplies or an individual. These carts can be bought or hand-made by the individual.
  • Bikejoring is an activity where the owner bikes along with their dog while they are attached to their bike through a harness which keeps both the dog and owner safe. The dog or team of dogs can be attached to a towline to also pull the biker.
  • Dog scootering is a mushing activity which relates to bikejoring and carting, where the owner rides a scooter that is pulled by the dog.

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