Blondi (Adolf Hitler German Shepherd Dog)

Blondi was Adolf Hitler’s German Shepherd dog, given to him as a gift in 1941 by Martin Bormann.

Blondi stayed with HItler even after his move into the Fuhrer bunker located underneath the garden of the Reich Chancellery on January 16, 1945 during the Berlin battle. Hitler named one of the puppies “Wolf”, his favorite nickname

Hitler was reportedly vary found of Blondi, keeping her by his side and allowing her to sleep in his bedroom in the bunker.

He had given Blondi during his years of poverty, but he had been forced to lodge the dog elsewhere. However, she managed to escape and return to him. Hitler adored the locality and and obedience of this dog Blondi helped Hitler in many situations during his political life. The dog played a big role in Nazi propaganda, of witch portraying Hitler as an animal lover was an important aspect.

There is a situation narrated by someone close in Hitler’s book, that during one of his important speeches his dog Blondi crossed the crowd until it reached him, what made audience cheering and was described by the animal lover. Since then his picture with blonde was published in books and printed in postcards. So there was spread the saying “there is no life in a place that animal doesn’t like”. At the end the dog expected to get back a little of what only one love: himself. No lives……dog or human were more important than his own twisted dream.

Hitler used his dog to test the potency of cyanide capsules right before his suicide.

Before he committed suicide on April 29, 1945, he ordered physician Werner Haase to test pills to help with suicide on Blondi, fearing that these pills were fake. He became completely inconsolable after the fact and took his own life very shortly after.


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