A Welcome Message

Since i could not post this on the sidebar due to coding errors, that i really don’t have time to figure them out & fix them, so i decided to post the worm welcome message here 


image {block:Description}elcome to Nirvana Midnigh Shadow Blog, this blog is owned run by a 21 year old Egyptian Girl called Nirvana, she created this blog to share updates about her personal life, and about her dog, she likes to share her thoughts with the world, she would also like to post updates about her 2.5 months old Siberian Husky Puppy Midnight Shadow AKA “Shadow”, you can click on Nirvana o ger to know all about her, or you can click on Shadow to get to know more about her 2.5 months old Sibirian Husky Puppy, she also added Huskies Section whare she posted everything about Huskies it allows you to get to know more about this amazing Dog Breed, all info was collected from Http:huskyk9club.com all credit goes to that site. you can follow my updates and shadow updates on Twitter or Facebook 

Nirvana’s Facebok Profile: Nirvana A. ElDidi 
Shadow’s Facebook Page: Midnight Shadow 
Nirvana’s Twitter: Vintage Heaven (Nirvana) 
Shadow’s Twitter: Midnight Husky (Midnight Shadow)


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